Capone’s Dinner Theater & Show opened in the Orlando area in 1992. We are one of Orlando’s original dinner theater shows and have now been an Orlando attraction for over 20 years. My original desire as the principal owner was to bring something different to the Orlando area selection of dinner theater shows. As a consumer you have many choices in Orlando for dinner theater shows ranging from elaborate arena-style dinner attractions, to the more intimate dinner theater show experiences. Throughout my dinner theater show history, my aim has always been to be in tune with our guest experience and try to enhance our guest satisfaction. We have made many changes to our show throughout our history to freshen guest experience and improve it.

We opened a sequel to our original dinner show in 2007. We have continued to evolve since the new show opened, adding new musical productions and enhanced interaction with our guests, providing a fun interactive dinner theater show choice in Orlando. It’s a hit!

A highly important part of the experience is the dinner portion of the evening. We have always prided ourselves on having the best dinner when compared to other Orlando dinner theater shows. By serving buffet style we have a huge advantage over our competitors, our food is fresher. We don’t have to plate your food and then put it in warmers before you arrive. In early 2009 we hired a new chef with a strong history in Italian cuisine, further improving our food quality.

So bring your gang to Capone’s Dinner & Show… you’re gonna have a blast!

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